Circuit Simulator

QuIDDPro: High-Performance
Quantum Circuit Simulation

QuIDDPro is a fast, scalable, and easy-to-use computational interface for generic quantum circuit simulation. It supports state vectors, density matrices, and related operations using the Quantum Information Decision Diagram (QuIDD) datastructure [345]. Software packages including Matlab, Octave, QCSim [6], and libquantum [7], have also been used to simulate quantum circuits. However, unlike these packages, QuIDDPro does not always suffer from the exponential blow-up in size of the matrices required to simulate quantum circuits. As a result, we have found that QuIDDPro is significantly faster and uses significantly less memory as compared to other generic simulation methods for some useful circuits with many more than 10 qubits [345]. For a more detailed sample of performance results, click here.

December 2009: the “Quantum Circuit Simulation” book published by Springer (available on amazon) contains the QuIDDPro manual and describes the algorithms used by this software.

Partially supported by DARPA, NSF and AFRL.

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