Archived Courses & Seminars

Courses and Seminars on Quantum Circuits
at the University of Michigan

  • Fall 2003:
    • The Quantum Circuit Seminar at EECS
    • Smita Krishnaswamy: Quantum Counters (ppt)
      Tuesday, October 7 at 5:00pm EECS 3433
    • George Viamontes:  Improving Gate-Level Simulation of Quantum Circuits (ppt)
      Tuesday, September 30 at 5:00pm EECS 3433
    • Vivek Shende:  Two-Qubit Quantum Circuits  (ppt, pdf)
      Tuesday, September 23 at 5:00pm EECS 3433
    • Igor Markov:  Ongoing Projects on Quantum Circuits and Algorithms (ppt, pdf)
      Tuesday, September 16 at 5:00pm EECS 3433
    • John Hayes:  Tutorial: Basic Concepts in Quantum Circuits  (pdf)
      Tuesday, September 16 at 4:30pm EECS 3433

Fall 2002:

  • The Quantum Circuit Seminar at EECS
    • Manoj Rajagopalan: An Error Model for Ion-Trap Quantum Computers  (ppt, pdf)
      Wednesday, November 13 at 4:30pm EECS 3433
    • Ketan Patel: Fault Testing for Reversible Circuits  (pdf)
      Wednesday, November 6 at 4:30pm EECS 3433
    • Paul Black (NIST):
      A Quantum Simulator for Imperfect Gates
      Wednesday, October 30 at 4:30pm EECS 3433
    • Stephen Bullock (Math Dept):
      Small Circuits For Arbitrary 2-Qubit Quantum Computations
      Wednesday, October 23 at 4:30pm EECS 3433
    • Vivek Shende: Synthesis of Reversible Logic Circuits  (ppt)
      Wednesday, October 16 at 4:30pm EECS 3433
    • Yaoyun Shi: Polynomial Approximations and Quantum Lower Bounds
      Wednesday, October 2 at 4:30pm EECS 3433
    • George Viamontes: High-Performance Simulation of Quantum Computation using QuIDDs
      Wednesday, September 25 at 4:30pm EECS 3433

Summer 2002:

  • The Quantum Circuits Seminar at EECS
    • Ketan Patel: Encoded Universality from a Single Physical Interaction
      (pdf [1 slide per], pdf)
      Monday, July 8 at 4:00pm EECS 2311
    • Vivek Shende: What the CNOT and TOFFOLI need to be truly Quantum
      Monday, July 1 at 4:00pm EECS 2311?
    • Manoj Rajagopalan: Simulated Annealing in Quantum Circuit Synthesis (ppt, pdf)
      Monday, Jun 17 at 4:00pm EECS 2311
    • DoRon Motter: NMR QIP and Entanglement (ppt)
      Monday, May 27 at 4:00pm EECS 2120
    • Ketan Patel: The Hidden Subgroup Problem (pdf [1 slide per], pdf)
      Monday, May 13 at 4:00pm EECS 3400
    • Vivek Shende: Reversible Circuit Synthesis (ppt)
      Monday, May 6 at 4:00pm EECS 2311

Winter 2002:

  • The Quantum Circuits Seminar at EECS
    • Aditya Prasad: Superposition, Entanglement, and Quantum Computation
      (ppt, pdf)
      Monday, April 1 at 4:00pm EECS 3400
    • Ketan Patel: A Practical Architecture for Reliable Quantum Computers (pdf [1 slide per], pdf)
      Monday, March 11 at 4:00pm EECS 3400
    • DoRon Motter: Dogma and Heresy in Quantum Computing (ppt, pdf)
      Monday, February 18 at 4:00pm EECS 3400
    • Aditya Prasad: Efficient Permutation Instructions for Fast Software
      (ppt, pdf)
      Monday, February 11 at 4:00pm EECS 3400
    • George Viamontes: Quantum Search Heuristics: Tad Hogg’s Perspective (ppt)
      Monday, February 4 at 4:00pm EECS 3400

Fall 2001:

Summer 2001:

  • The Quantum Circuits Seminar at EECS
    • Vivek Shende: Classical and Quantum Fourier Transforms (abstract)
      Tue Jun 26 at 12:30pm, EECS 2120
    • Aditya Prasad: Elementary Gates for Quantum Computation (abstract)
      Thu July 5 at 5:30pm, EECS 2120
    • Aditya Prasad: A Presentation of a Paper by Olivier Coudert – Doing
      Two Level Logic Minimization 100 Times Faster
      Tuesday, July 17 at 3:30pm EECS 2311
    • Vivek Shende: The BDS Circuit Synthesis Program (abstract, ppt).
      Tuesday, July 24 at 3:30pm EECS 2311
    • DoRon Motter: The CUDD Package (ppt)
      Tuesday, July 24 at 3:30pm EECS 2311
    • DoRon Motter: Fast Spectral Transforms and Applications (abstract, ppt)
      Tuesday, July 31 at 3:30pm EECS 2311
    • Aditya Prasad: Branch and Bound Synthesis of Classical Circuits (ppt)
      Tuesday, August 7 at 3:30pm EECS 2311
    • Vivek Shende: Symbolic Reduction of Quantum Circuits, and Group
      Theory in Classical Circuit Synthesis
      (ppt1, ppt2)
      Tuesday, August 7 at 5:00pm
    • DoRon Motter: Quantum Speedups (abstract , ppt)
      Tuesday, August 14 at 3:30pm EECS 2311
    • DoRon Motter: Quantum Simulators (abstract, ppt)
      Tuesday, August 28 at 3:30pm EECS 2311